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PaperPack, Inc

PaperPack, Inc




PaperPack was founded in 1999 by Randy and Janice Smith. Our first warehouse was Janice's old high school building which had been converted into warehouse and office space. We were primarily an industrial paper and packaging distributor and most of our clients were manufacturing facilities in NW Georgia and NE Alabama. Through the years our sales and sales territories have expanded to include SE Tennessee. We have added safety supplies, food service, and industrial supply items to our product mix, and we have a direct business that we ship to points throughout the US and Canada. In 2015 we acquired Rome Paper Company, increased our sales force, and added promotional and printed products to the items that we provide our clients. We embrace the challenges of continuing to provide quality products and services as we grow into online commerce and quicker response to all our clients. We have been trusted for a long time in our well-established brick and mortar warehouse business. We value that trust and believe it is a central part of the ''new currency in this global economy'', as Stephen R Covey puts it. Change is always upon us and we thank you for partnering with us to forge ahead in facing the business and professional challenges in our community, our nation and the world.

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