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CAD/Data Entry

CAD/Data Entry

Job Description:

  • Works from detailed drawings, rough sketches, notes, or other conceptual information to prepare programs for production.
  • Uses KGS system to prepare engineering documents of product designs to schedule programs for the cutting department.
  • Visually reviews blueprints and drafts to ensure they conform to cutting parameters, proper dimensions and tolerances as set forth in established guidelines.
  • Checks work orders & checks cutting programs for accuracy and changes information that has been miscalculated or missed; Downloads cutting programs to specified cutting machines.
  • Performs modifications to computer drawings based on customer or in-house requests (i.e. model changes, specifications, changes to compensate for bending, beveling, machining, welding, cutting, etc.)
  • Reviews drawings and communicates regarding modification to maximize plate usage.
  • Provides templates for beveling, bending, and/or machining, jigs for welding.
  • Maintains all files, logs and records as required
  • Maintains good housekeeping standards in assigned area
  • Understands Production due dates, Schedules programs made in the correct priority to be cut.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality as it relates to product drawings, trade secrets, new product development, and management discussions which should be maintained in confidence to avoid damage to the company.
  • Job is to be performed in a manufacturing/office setting. 
  • Must be able to work with frequent interruptions. 
  • Must wear proper PPE, as required. 


  • High School diploma or GED or equivalent combination of education and experience would be necessary
  • Prior work experience in gas or laser cutting would give the necessary background for the position.


  • Thorough knowledge of manufacturing products, design requirements and terminology.
  • Must be able to read and interpret engineering related documents, blueprints and other data.
  • Knowledge of operation of CAD CAM systems is a plus.
  • Knowledge of G-Codes and M-Codes for cutting programs.
  • Requires advanced math skills including trigonometry, geometry and complex calculations including fractions, percentages and ratios.
  • Above average proficiency with Microsoft Excel in order to run reports as needed. 

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