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About Us

Businesses are using APEX Direct Care to provide health benefits for their employees at no cost to the business. We are helping businesses acquire better employees and improve their retention. Contact us today to find out how!

APEX Direct Care is a full service family medicine clinic that encourages our patients to participate in their healthcare decisions. We provide the appropriate medical services to all patients based on their needs by offering affordable, cutting-edge, and personalized medical care. Patients can expect the same high-quality care, regardless of insurance coverage.

APEX Direct Care is a low, monthly-membership, family medicine clinic that is like a concierge practice. APEX Direct Care is not a health insurance company and does not file insurance. Patients spend more time with a board-certified physician and less time in the waiting room. We believe that all patients are entitled to respect and compassion.


We strive to make healthcare decisions for the betterment of our patients free from outside interference, while offering affordable, cutting-edge, and personalized medical care.