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Orangetheory Fitness Rome

Orangetheory Fitness Rome

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About Us

Orangetheory is a full-body group workout that focuses on heart rate-based training guaranteed to produce results from the inside out. Our workout is backed by science and designed to super-charge your metabolism for more results. Tracked by technology so that you can monitor your results in real time. Each workout is led by a certified coach to make sure you don't undertrain or overtrain. Call us to book your first free class!


Orangetheory Fitness Coach
Category: Sports and Recreation
Qualifications•An OTF Coach must focus on a well-rounded theory of fitness, including endurance, strength, and power, using the tools given to optimize the member’s experience and results•Intermediate level knowledge of physiology, exercise technique and body mechanics•Experience in training clients through functional training techniques•Must have the ability to progress and regress exercises on more
Contact: Jessica
Phone:(770) 727-2943