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Compassionate Paws, Inc.

Compassionate Paws, Inc.

Pet Therapy

About Us

We have a Board of 14 members and we have about 30 Pet Partners that go into hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and healthcare facilities and visit with their animals. We also have an educational focus and go into the schools with a literacy program called Read with Me. It is designed for children with problems reading out loud. Research shows that children who read to the dog/cat, etc. improve their literacy skills because the animal is non-judgmental, etc. and the child is less self-conscious, and their reading skills improve. Our mission is ...''providing comfort, presence, joy and learning within the context of the human-animal companion bond.'' We go to about 11 different healthcare facilities and schools in Floyd and Polk Co. and Rockmart, Cave Spring & Summerville Libraries. We cover a 9 county region. The demand for our services exceeds the number of Pet Partners we have so we are in constant recruitment mode.