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1st Franklin Financial Corporation


Financial Institution

About Us

1st Franklin Financial Corporation is in the business of helping our friends and neighbors make their way through life with the dignity and respect they deserve. Since 1941, we have worked in local communities to provide financial solutions for our customers and their families.

It’s been over 75 years since our founder Ben F. Cheek, Jr., made his first $34 loan; since then we’ve worked with generations of families to provide them with the funds they need when they need them the most. Our customers know us, but more importantly, we know them. While times have changed since 1941, our commitment to our customers remains the same.

Today, with more than 310 loan offices throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, we continue to offer personal loans and financial solutions so our customers can reach their goals. In addition to our personal loan products and real estate loans, 1?? Franklin Financial Corporation also offers investment securities in the form of Senior Demand Notes, Subordinated Debentures and Commercial Paper from our Investment Center, which is located in Toccoa, Georgia.