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Training Specialist

Posted: 08/06/2023

Fulltime trainer  

Job description: 

We are looking for a Training Specialist to enhance the competencies of individual employees by designing and conducting training programs that are based on a federally approved apprenticeship program that will boost employee's workplace performance. 

You will be responsible for performing training needs assessments, designing, and delivering curriculum and learning materials and for managing all phases of training. 

*Identifying training needs by evaluating strength and weaknesses 
*Translating requirements into training that will groom employees for the next step of their career path 
*Implementing and help build annual training program and preparing teaching plans 
*Direct Structured learning experiences and monitor their quality results 
*Deliver training courses 
*Assess training effectiveness to ensure incorporation of taught skills and techniques into employees work behavior 
*Periodically evaluate ongoing program to ensure that they are effective and reflect any changes 
* Seek out and manage grant opportunities through the state and federal government  
* Be able to work with the local, state and federal government to grow our Apprenticeship Program 

*Other administrative duties as required  

1. Proven experience in managing multiple training events in a corporate setting 
2. Proven ability to master the full training cycle 
3. Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools, and techniques 
4. Sound decision making and organizational skills 
5. Ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences 
6. Proficiency in MS Office 
7. Training and or HR background preferred  
8. Roofing or Construction background preferred 
9. Bilingual; Spanish 
Job Type: Full Time