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Sales and Shipping Coordinator

Posted: 08/27/2023

General Description:
Receive monthly customer orders and input them into our ERP system, organize and manage CBU inventory and arrange shipping to domestic and overseas customers.  Maintain the proper corporate image, integrity, and professionalism in dealing  customers while adhering processes, policies, and procedures.  The following list of Primary Job Functions is not all-inclusive, and the Sales & Shipping Coordinator may be assigned other additional duties as needed.
Primary Job Functions:

  1. Customer Orders
    1. Receive monthly customer orders and forecasts from our parent company in  and input them into our ERP system.
    2. Add sales information to various  monthly reports.
    3. Conduct our annual customer survey using our standard form.
    4. Communicate order information with customers.
  2. Shipping
    1. Responsible for finished goods (FG) inventory and distribution as they come off the assembly line.
    2. Ensure FG data are properly transmitted to  systems.
    3. Set up model masters in system for new models.
    4. Add shipping and inventory information to various month-end reports.
    5. Coordinate with SMO to efficiently build and arrange shipments to their domestic warehouses, using SMO-approved carriers.
    6. Arrange and monitor FG export shipments to our network of distributors and subsidiaries.
    7. Arrange FG and/or engine shipments to and from outside test facility.
    8. Monitor the production schedule to determine which customer orders will be produced.
    9. Properly enter the sales orders into  system ensuring the correct units are assigned to each sales order.
    10. Create export booking requests, coordinate with  freight forwarder and the export public warehouses, create commercial invoices, Vehicle Gross Mass (VGM) documents, dangerous goods declarations, and transmit the shipping data.
    11. Arrange returnable rack shipments to, ensuring the bills of lading and commercial invoices match the description and models of the racks in each container.
    12. Arrange air shipments as needed and ensure the accuracy of the dangerous goods declaration.
    13. Support  quality department as needed for quality claims, stop-shipments, rework, or FG inspections.
    14. Review and approve invoices for transportation and warehousing of FG’s.
    15. Monitor and coordinate delivery appointments of imported containers and LCL freight with our customs broker and ensure timely movement of containers to the freight station and subsequent delivery.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  1. Degree in related field, certification such as ASCM, or relevant experience.
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Office, especially with Excel.
  3. Experience with ERP system such as AS400/BPCS.
  4. Ability to maintain confidentiality.