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CASA Program Manager

Posted: 08/18/2023

The CASA Program Manager provides professional training, direction and support to CASA
employees and volunteers while proactively ensuring effective supervision and guidance to
each dependency case to which a CASA is assigned. The CASA Program Manager ensures the
advocate supervisors and volunteers assigned are responsibly led and fully supported. The
CASA Program Manager is responsible for ensuring all the children to which a CASA is assigned
receive sound advocacy. As part of the CASA leadership team, the Program Manager works
collaboratively with the CASA Recruiter, Advocacy Coordinator, and Harbor House Executive
Director to ensure a steady flow of qualified, new, trained volunteers such that the program
can grow and thrive. The CASA Program Manager also promotes the program and its mission to the
community. The Program Manager will bring CASA's advocacy to other professionals on behalf
of children who have been abused and neglected, and to follow the CASA model such that our
advocates are energized and relied upon to know what is in each child's best interest.

Required Qualifications:

? Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management, public administration, social work, psychology, or
related area.
? Two-years related experience in management of volunteer, non-profit, or public service
agency, or an organization/division involved in human social services.
? Strong skills in volunteer management, program planning, and child advocacy.
? Previous experience working with volunteers, knowledge and understanding of child abuse
and neglect, families in crisis and other social services skills are given priority.
? Previous experience working directly with children.
? Clear criminal background check.

Desired Qualifications:

? Master’s Degree in nonprofit management, public administration, social work, psychology, or
related area.
? Strategic Planning experience.
? Advanced facilitation training.
? Previous experience working directly with children specifically in the foster care system.

Position Responsibilities:
1. Provide the orientation, training, and supervision for all program staff
2. Facilitate individual and group coaching of the CASA Program Team, working closely with direct
reports to create a sense of empowerment.
3. Oversee general case management ensuring confidentiality, adequate supervision, the safety of,
and best outcomes for, each child.
4. Monitor volunteer quality, retention, recognition and support of volunteer advocates.
5. Provide case consultation for difficult cases or case mediation between Volunteer Supervisors and
Advocates; attend meetings for Volunteer Supervisors when they are unavailable.
6. Conduct annual performance evaluations, and case documentation audits for all direct reports.
7. Expand diversity and cultural competency to ensure inclusivity and a responsiveness to all client
needs regardless of their background or /identity.
8. Oversee Advocate and Program Staff training including the core 30-hour pre-service training
program, ongoing in-service program and professional development, including annual diversity and
cultural competency training.
9. Collaborate with the Harbor House Executive Director on the completion of grant proposals
including VOCA, PSSF, and community grants.
10. Report on CASA Program to the Harbor House Board at bimonthly meetings (6 per year).
11. Ensure all program policies and practices comply with Georgia and National CASA standards.

To apply for the position, send a letter of intent and a resume to