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Industrial Maintenance Technician

Posted: 07/31/2022

I. Position Purpose
The Maintenance Technician constructs, tests, and changes related electric components, equipment, products, and services, applying electrical theory and related knowledge. Uses principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve technical problems. The Maintenance Technician, under limited supervision, performs maintenance work of moderate difficulty.

II. Organization Relationships

This position reports to the Business Unit Leader, peers including all employees associated with manufacturing and support operations.

III. Position Responsibilities & Duties

Maintenance will be open to rotation and may be called upon to perform duties outside of the maintenance responsibilities that proactively support company needs. The following list of responsibilities and duties is not all-inclusive and is intended to provide the general responsibilities, duties and expectations of the job. Based on the variability of the manufacturing processes and needs the responsibilities and duties will vary.

A. Workplace Safety

§ Adheres to all Safety policies and procedures

§ Maintains a hazard free work area

§ Uses Personal Protective Equipment as required and/or appropriate

§ Attends all Safety training and other Safety activities

§ Notifies teammates when they compromise Safe Operating Procedures

§ Reports near misses, accidents or suspected injuries in a timely manner

§ Completes Safety Work Orders when appropriate

§ Participates in Safety initiatives, committees and teams

§ Reports unsafe conditions and behaviors

§ Never takes shortcuts or uses the improper tools/equipment that could compromise the Safety of themselves or others

B. Food Safety & Quality
§ Adheres to all Food Safety/Quality SOP’s

§ Accurately completes required Food Safety & Quality records

§ Communicates any known or suspected Food Safety/ Quality issues to the Q.A. lab and appropriate Process Manager

§ Attends all Food Safety/Quality training sessions

C. Maintenance Operations
§ Knows, understands and performs the following job functions within the established Safety, Quality and Production guidelines and/or SOP’s:

1. Constructs, tests, and changes related electric components, equipment, products, and services, applying electrical theory and related knowledge. Uses principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve technical problems.

2. Assembles and tests experimental devices, switch panels, transformers, generator windings, solenoids, and other electrical equipment and components according to engineering data and knowledge of electrical principles.

3. Inspects, corrects, repairs, and overhauls electrical equipment, instrumentation, and controls. Diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctioning equipment, determines replacement needs or new material required, develops a logical approach to correct the problem, and installs the updated equipment.

4. Develops wiring diagrams, layout drawings, and engineering specifications for system or equipment modifications or expansion, and assists personnel performing routine installation and maintenance duties.

5. Modifies electrical prototypes to correct functional deviations.

6. Receives and examines wiring diagrams, drawings, and instructions covering emergency and scheduled repairs and calibrates, services, and replaces electronic devices and systems. Checks, tests, and replaces faulty components, circuits, printed circuit boards, and similar electronic devices.

7. Plans, directs, and records periodic electrical testing, and recommends or initiates modification or replacement of equipment that fails to meet acceptable operating standards.

8. Diagnoses cause of electrical or mechanical malfunction or failure of operational equipment and performs preventative and corrective maintenance.

9. Performs routine maintenance on building interior and exterior. Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturer's specifications, machinery and mechanical equipment, such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and precision measuring and testing instruments.

10. Dismantles defective machines and equipment and installs new or repaired parts, following specifications and blueprints, using precision measuring instruments and hand tools.

11. Repairs, installs, and maintains machinery, equipment, physical structures, and pipe and electrical systems in commercial or industrial establishments, following specifications, blueprints, manuals, and schematic drawings, using hand tools, power tools, hoist, crane, and measuring and testing instruments.

12. Performs moderately difficult work in two or more trades, such as electrician, carpenter, machinist, millwright, painter, mason, etc. This position is typically semiskilled in several trades.

13. Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments. Inspects used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements, using rules, calipers, micrometers, and other measuring instruments.

14. Contacts and schedules vendors and contractors for necessary building repairs and emergencies that are outside the scope of routine maintenance.

15. Maintains a schedule of when maintenance has been performed and when next service is due.

16. Comply with OSHA safety and health rules

17. Maintain adequate parts inventory

18. Monitor and coordinate outside contracting

19. Continuous improvement planning

20. Safety champions

21. Completion of P.O.’s for replacement items

D. Sanitation
§ Maintains a clean and sanitary work area

§ Maintains clean and sanitary machinery, tools & equipment

§ Communicates any sanitation issues to the Process Manager

§ Maintains an inspection ready status at all times

E. Record Keeping/Production Scheduling
§ Knows, understands and accurately enters all information into EAM

§ Knows, understands and accurately uses CMMS system

§ Accurately completes and maintains PM records

§ Accurately completes and maintains Emergency Repair records.

§ Accurately completes and maintains all SQF documentation

§ Completes and maintains all other Safety, Quality and Maintenance forms and records as required
IV. Contacts
Internal contacts include all manufacturing and support department employees.

V. Working Conditions

This position requires 100% of time to be spent in the manufacturing and shop areas. Must be able to lift 50lbs. on a routine basis. This position is very active and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, stooping, crouching and climbing all day. Repetitive motion may be required in some areas of the operation. PPE is required depending on job task being performed, hearing protection is required at all times. Ability to work in elevated areas.

While performing the duties of the job, frequent exposure to fumes or airborne particles, moving and mechanical parts and vibration are expected. The noise level in the work environment can be loud. Must be able to work with a team or autonomously. Must be able to work in varying temperatures and climates.

VI. Essential Skills

§ Education: High School Diploma or GED preferred

§ Related Experience: 3 years of Industrial mechanical or related experience in packing machines/production machines.

§ Licenses/Certifications: Successful completion of skills testing and mechanical aptitude test.
Expertise Level: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, strong computer skills, math skills, attention to detail, analyzing, planning and troubleshooting are essential to this position. Microsoft Office Excel proficiency and previous experience with a CMMS system a plus