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Resident Assistant - Memory Care

Posted: 09/03/2023

  • Resident Services

    1. Provide quality care and assistance to residents in accordance with the residence philosophy and policies, and resident rights
    2. Assist residents in meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
    3. Adhere to each resident’s individual service plan, notify the Resident Services Director and Wellness Nurse of any changes in the resident’s condition.
    4. Answer and respond immediately to resident calls.
    5. Assist residents with their activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.
    6. Check on residents every two hours and document and report findings.
    7. Assist with resident activities, encourage and assist residents to participate in activities.
    8. Encourage residents to attend meals in the dining room, escort residents to and from the dining room, assist with serving meals, assist residents with meals in ways that meet their individual needs and desires, observe and report changes in the residents’ appetite and physical abilities to eat and drink.
    9. Assist with cleaning the dining room after the meal service as assigned.
    10. Assist with cleaning and tidying residents’ room/apartment.
    11. Assist with residents’ personal laundry as needed.
    12. Establish and maintain good relationship with residents and their families.
    13. Dispose of all incontinent products according to OSHA regulations and residence policy.
    14. Practice proper body mechanics when lifting and follow safety guidelines according to residence policies and procedures.
    15. Respond to resident emergencies following proper residence policy and procedure.
    16. Offer choice, maintain dignity, and promote individuality for all residents.
    17. Protect and maintain resident rights.
    18. Encourage and support resident independence.
    19. Carry out all duties as assigned by your supervisor.


    1. Attend all regular staff meetings and required training sessions.
    2. Effectively communicate information pertaining to the residents on a “need to know” basis to other team members according to the residence policies and procedures.
    3. Notify your supervisor or the wellness nurse if you observe a change in a resident’s condition.
    4. Respond to on-the-job injuries in accordance with the community’s policies and procedures.
    5. Notify your supervisor of any concerns or questions presented by the residents’ family members.
  • Requirements


    • Experience in the care giving to older adults preferred
      *Ability to read, write, and speak English
    • Desire to work with older adults
    • Friendly, caring disposition

    Knowledge Requirements

    Any required resident care training

  • Summary

    Provide personalized care and service, uphold the philosophy of assisted living, and well being of the residents. Provide assistance and support with residents’ activities of daily living, and instrumental activities of daily living.