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Posted: 09/03/2023

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Arrive clean and well-groomed, free from body odor.
  • Check dish area, make sure dishwasher is ready to operate, bus tabs are clean, carts are clean, etc.
  • Wash dishes, pots, and utensils to clean, spot and grease-free condition.
  • Retrieve dishes from bus tubs in wait station.
  • Spray all dishes with sprayer before and after racking, making sure no food or paper is on dishes before they enter the machine.
  • Place dishes in machine and allow it to run a cycle. Allow dishes to dry before stacking.
  • Keep up to pace with meet demand for clean dishes.
  • Wash silverware in small batches at a time. Place silveware in upright container and wash for two cycles.
  • Soak cups and soup bowls before washing.
  • Make sure all glasses and cups are free from lipstick.
General Responsibilities:
  • Keep dishes and silverware clean and available as needed.
  • Keep pots, pans, and utensils, clean and grease free.
  • Keep work station clean. (Including floors, walls, back splash, machine, bus tubs, carts, etc.)
  • Empty all trash cans and sweep and mop all floors after evening shift.
Weekly Responsibilities:
  • Clean walls as needed.
  • Keep store room and walk-ins in order.
  • Wash trash cans. (Mondays)
Maintains cleanliness of dishes and cookware as needed and as directed by the manager in accordance with facility’s policies, procedures, federal, state, local guidelines, and regulations. Assists in providing the residents with a nourishing, well-balanced meal and a pleasant atmosphere.