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Real Property Appraiser II

Posted: 11/23/2022

We are looking for a Real Property Appraiser II!

The purpose of this classification is to perform specialized administrative/technical work functions associated with the appraisal of real property or other property for tax assessment purposes. 


  • Assists with setup and compilation of the annual property tax digest. 
  • Prepares and assists in the preparation and development of various schedules and indexes including land pricing schedules, market indexes, ratio studies, and improvement pricing tables.
  • Analyzes the real property market to identify market status of County neighborhoods and identify potential new indices and land schedules.
  • Coordinates the establishment of appraisal boundaries to define neighborhoods for market analysis; analyzes sales ratio data and edits, qualifies, or disqualifies the data as appropriate.
  • Assists with the yearly audit of the real property digest by the State Revenue Department; and ensures compliance with Local, State and Federal codes, requirements, and regulations.
  • Participates in the mass appraisal and revaluation of all real property in the County; compiles and analyzes all information needed to determine and calculate property values; calculates appraised property values for tax digest.
  • Meets with property owners or their representatives in order to exchange information and discuss appraisals; and assists in performing appraisals of other classes of property.
  • Locates and identifies residential and rural real property, referring to various maps, property indexes, directories, and other documents.
  • Travels throughout the County as scheduled to inspect for additions/improvements. 
  • Performs site inspections of property; measures property size, shape, square footage, etc.; collects data relative to number of rooms, type of construction, age, and other conditions effecting values; records data; prepares property sketches; makes calculations and applies such data to appraisals of specific buildings.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Two (2) years of experience in Property Appraisal or a related field.
  • Candidates may qualify with any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid Appraiser II certification. 
  • Must complete forty hours of prescribed continuing education in the field every two years. 
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.
  • Health/Major Medical
  • Dental
  • Long Term Disability
  • Employer-Paid Pension
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation- Annually
  • Paid Sick
  • Incentive Pay & Longevity Pay
  • Free Wellness Clinic