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REPORTS TO: Facilities Director
JOB SUMMARY The job of Custodian is done for the purpose/s if maintaining an attractive, sanitary and safe facility for students, staff and public; providing equipment and furniture arrangements for meetings, classroom activities and events; and minimizing property damage, loss and liability exposure.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS ? Arranges furnishing and equipment for the purpose of providing adequate preparations for meeting, classroom activities and events. ? Cleans assigned school facilities (e.g. classrooms, offices, gym, restrooms, multipurpose rooms, pools, grounds, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a sanitary, safe and attractive environment. ? Delivers various items (e.g. supplies, mail, packages, furniture, etc.) for the purpose of distributing materials to the appropriate parties. ? Inspects school facilities and coordinates scheduled maintenance for the purpose of ensuring that the site is suitable for safe operations, maintained in an attractive and clean conditions, and/or identifying necessary repairs due to vandalism, equipment breakage, weather conditions, etc. ? Maintains outdoor and playground areas for the purpose of assuring safe, orderly and visually appealing appealing school grounds. ? Maintains supplies and equipment (e.g. cleaning solutions, paper products, vacuum, mops etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items required to properly maintain facilities as well as compliance with all safety regulations. ? Prepares and secures for daily operations (e.g. opening/closing gates and building access doors, maintaining security systems, raising flag, crosswalk signs, minor repairs, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring school facilities are operational and safe minimizing potential liability to organization. ? Repairs furniture and equipment for the purpose of ensuring that items are available and in safe working condition. ? Responds to immediate safety and/or operational concerns for the purpose of taking appropriate action to resolve immediate safety issues and maintain a functioning educational environment. ? Assists other personnel (e.g. Maintenance director and other custodial staff) for the purpose of ensuring timely and accurate work output. ? Job related experience is desired.
REQUIRED SKILLS/ABILITIES ? SKILLS are required to perform multiple, non-technical tasks with a need to occasionally upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the jon include: maintaining regular attendance and punctuality; adhering to legal statuses, organizational rules, etc.; handling hazardous material; adhering to safety practices; and administering first aid. ? KNOWLEDGE is required to perform basic math , including calculations using fractions , percentages, and/or ratios; read and follow instructions; and understand multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes: safety practices and procedures. ? ABILITY: is required to schedule activities, meeting and/or events; gather and/or collate date; and consider a number of factors when using equipment. Flexibility is required to work with others in a variety of circumstances; work with data utilizing defined and similar processes; and operate equipment using a variety of standardized methods. Ability is also required to work with a variety of individuals and/or groups.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS ? Regularly, reliably and predictably reports to work. ? Works in a standard office building. ? Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs and & maximum of 100 lbs. ? Must be able to walk, crawl & stand the full work day. ? Must be able to climb a ladder.